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September 8, 2013


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This has been inspired by happy browsing which led to just some of these images...thank you and please keep them coming. Kisses xx Moooo!
Cow Dip
HuCow Milking Lab
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Miliking Maids 05
Moo cow
Dairy pigs
Pleasure island 6
Plaything in the cellar
divorce lawyer

i fantasize about being abducted, bound tight in leather and steel. Hooded to stop me seeing where i'm going. After an eternity i am manhandled to a room. My clothes are unceremoniously stripped away, the restraints removed except for my hood. At this point I am coated in a substance. As the people processing me are working silently I have no idea what it is or why it is done. i am pusehed back onto a chair, feet lifted and held as something tight is pulled up my legs slowly and carefully. It feels like someone rolling stockings onto my legs but the material is strange to me and no stocking has ever clung so tight. As they reach my upper thighs I can feel there is more to this material than just stockings. i am pulled upright before they start to roll it over my hips and up my waist.
They guide my hands into tight sleeves, roling them up my arms. I am frightened when my hands reach the end, coming to rest in a hard rubber sphere, causing me to keep my fists balled. Tight wide bands are fitted onto my wrists before they continue with the suit. I gasp out in fear as my 40D breasts are rudely grabbed and pulled through 2 tight reinforced and ribbed openings, totally exposed before i feel a zipper being closed at the rear, coming up to my shoulders and squeexing me tight in the suit's embrace. Suddenly the hood is removed,. but i'm temporarily blinded by the light. I am pulled into a bent position by my hair. I hear a buzzing before I feel a clipping machine start to shear my shoulder length red hair. I scream as I'm quickly sheared and gain a stinging slap across my face. A sharp sting hits the back of my skull, almost as one would expect a stapler to feel.
Some more lotion is applied to my now bald scalp before something resembling a black and white rubber swimming cap is pulled tightly over my face. It has a mouth hole, a slightly moulded nose with 2 nostril holes and an opening for each eye. It is so tight over my head as i hear a zipper fastening, followed by a soft metallic click of a padlock. Soft touches are made along my spine, over where the zipper is, followed by a smoothing down of the material.
Suddenly a man's voice."There, cow, now you are permanantly sealed in your new skin."
I'm turned around to face a mirror. My eyes widen in horror at the image looking back at me. There is a shapely, curvy figure, 5'6", 38-30-40D staring back at me, totally covered in a black and white patterned rubber suit!
It slowly raises a shaking ball fisted hand to its face as I do the same.
"Wait cow," the man laughs,"you're not finished yet!"
Hands fasten on the image's head, just as they do to me. Something is forced into my mouth and positioned. I feel a large ring been turned into the vertical behind my teeth forcing my mouth wide open. A strap is tightened and buckled behind my head. The refelection is similarly gagged, wet mouth exposed, vulnerable.
"And now, your crowning glory, princess" he taunts holding up a rubber hood. I look in horror and shake my head.
"GGgah!!! GGAH GhaaH!" i protest uninteligably.
He is holding a rubber hood shaped to look like a black and white Holstein-Friesian cow. He steps closer and pulls it over my head. Stepping behind me i feel it being fastened. It feels as if my rubber covered head is being corsetted.
"Don't worry cow, I'm only using wet rawhide laces to fasten your lovely head. I'll be trimming off the excess then drying it. I'm sure an educated woman will know the effect that wil have. A stupid dumb cow wouldn't though."
I hear the muffled snip of scissors and then the hood being smoothed down again. I try shaking my head but earn a slap.
"There, that hood will only come off now if we cut it off. Yes, i think you'll make an excellent milker and who knows, maybe even a breeder. All we need do now is activate the chip we just implanted into your brain and you will become more docile, obedient, your IQ will start to drop...but you will remember EVERYTHING! Welcome to your new life, cow!"
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fangg13 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Professional Artist

The sun was low on the horizon, and a chill was in the air. A gentle breeze wafted over the splintered and sun-bleached split rails of the fence. The day had been hot, the grass was still warm to the touch, and Mina was comfortably sleeping in a gentle curl on a little rise a ways from the barn.

She stirred slightly but resettled - a moment later she stretched her shapely legs and arms wide, spreading them eagle and pointing her hooves to loosen up the kinks in the muscles. She rolled over onto her knees and and arched her back raising her tail high and letting her teats roll side-to-side gently bouncing from side to side. Sleep was escaping her grasp.

She was oblivious to all else around her as she luxuriated in the softness of her nest and the sweet smell of hay. A few stalks of the grass were stuck to her breasts, belly and haunches and they fell slowly to earth, detaching as they lost their purchase on her silky coat. It was the end of another lazy day. She was looking forward to ambling back to her milking stall where her overfilled and bountiful mammaries would be relieved of their burden.

As she slowly stood she noted the sounds of other cows in the pasture. The normal moos and murmurs were more excited than normal, and she looked over to where the other members of her herd were gathered. They were looking about in agitation and excitement, and they were starting to gather in a group and move.

Mina started to move towards the safety of the herd but stopped short as the rest of the cows turned towards her and began to run. She paused only a second before turning and running too, even though she was still unaware of why the cattle had started.

Then suddenly she saw. Her eyes grew wide as she took notice of the two dyke bulls in the pasture coming her way. The adrenalin surged in her veins and she began to move, but she failed to see the rest of the herd turn away from their original direction. They were moving in a circle towards the barn, and she was trotting towards the feeding corner.

It was her downfall. The bulls saw her split away and they turned towards her at a full run, hooves stirring up dust, snorting and grunting, eyes blazing, and their enormous prosthetic cocks and balls slapping loudly. Mina tried to turn back to the security of the herd but she couldn’t make it. As the rest of the cattle trotted into the barn, she felt the full force of two muscular and horny bulls rush her from behind, and after losing her footing, she tumbled over into the grass rolling over and over, finally bouncing to a stop.

The two bulls weren’t supposed to be in the dairy pasture. Normally they stayed in their pasture waiting to be used for artificial insemination. The cows weren’t impregnated for reproduction; the bulls’ cocks pumped hormones and other drugs into the heifers cunts to stimulate the development of the teats and increase milk production, but also for the pleasure and to keep them sedate.

Mina normally enjoyed the trips to the breeding stalls, but those visits were more carefully planned. A lead was clipped to her nose ring and she was led to the bullpen, as it was aptly named. She was placed in a stall with her head through a padded ox collar with her hooves attached to the floor with well-worn nylon straps.

After she settled, the bull was led in and the cowhands held her off until Mina’s cunt was lubed and she was suitably stimulated. The bull was similarly lubed and the eager mate was brought up behind the heifer’s raised ass, and the hand slid the cock into Mina. It usually went pretty quickly. The bull had a shaft inserted in her cunt and the only way she could reach climax was to hump a cow. As soon as the shaft parted Mina’s lips, it went in quickly and the purpose of the padded collar quickly became obvious.

In the pasture though, there was no collar. There was no cowhand with warm hands and soft lube. Mina rolled onto her knees in an effort to rise and start running again, but it was too late. The two bulls struggled for access to her, and the larger finally won the challenge. Mina was harshly pushed back to her hooves and knees and the stud mounted her.

It wasn’t easy but in a few seconds the bull worked its cock into Mina and pushed hard. It was painful at first, but once inserted, Mina’s natural moisture finally gushed and the pounding she felt stopped hurting and started sizzling. In response she raised her haunches higher and higher until the angle was perfect, and the full length of the solid rubber bull dick found its way into her.

She tried to hold herself up and back, trying to push her 120 pounds against the incessant force of the bull’s 220, but she wasn’t strong enough. Her hooves dug into the ground pushing up grass, and her nose ring dragged in the dirt as she fought back with all her might. Her cowbell was clanking an alarm to the farm hands, but no one heard, and no one came.

Dirt filled her nose and eyes, her legs cramped and her knees scraped. The snorting and grunting from behind was a sledgehammer in her ears. She was starting to lose consciousness and stars were swimming in her eyes. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the bull climaxed, and her long, deep, guttural moo stimulated a response submissive. Mina emitted a low, muffled moooooo that was barely audible above the crash of the bull onto the ground beside her.

Thinking it was over, she instinctively started to get up again, when she felt the second bull fall on her. Just as she was about to be mounted, the bull suddenly lifted up and away at the forceful tug of two cowhands with ropes in their grip. They’d lassoed the errant dyke and had her roped and bound, letting her settle down. The other spent bull docilely stood and was led by her nose back to her pasture.

Mina laid there resting, breathing hard and smelling the sweet scent of soil and hay in every gasp. Slowly her heart rested, and her nerves grew quiet. She felt the firm but gentle grasp of two cowhands lift her to her hooves. The comforting snap of a clasp to her nose reassured her that she was safe again, in the care of her friends in the chaps. She followed their lead and made her way back to the barn. They didn’t lead her to the milking room - instead they led her back to her own stall where they bathed her.

The warm water and gentle brushing felt good on her ruffled hide. Relaxation slowly found its way into her tired bovine bones. The rough and tumble of her unanticipated mating had both frightened and excited her. The feeling of total loss, total submission, and absolute powerlessness was thrilling to her simple heifer brain. A spark of a memory from a former life flickered and lingered, then died as quickly as it rose.

Her bath ended and her nerves calmed, she was led to her bed. They helped her down onto the cool straw and she mooed lightly in appreciation. Her teats were still full, and roughly scratched from her molestation. The ointment made the pain lessen, but the red and raw scrapes were harsh reminders of her ordeal. She rolled over onto her side and they settled into their normal pose.

Her nipples were taught and red, they oozed a trickle and it formed in little round, white and shiny pools. She moaned and mooed herself to sleep. Her muscles relaxed more and her hooves quivered a bit as her thoughts turned back to those of a satisfied and content cow. Sleep was slow to come, and she hovered between slumber and wakefulness. In spite of the pleasure the dyke bull had enjoyed in the pasture, Mina had not climaxed.

Her loins still were mildly aflame and that drove her thoughts. In her fading awareness she saw a dozen bulls surrounding her, snorting and hooves athunder. She smiled a bovine smile as she hoisted her ass as high as she could. She pirouetted happily as her bell sounded a happy clank. Her tail waved a come hither salute.

As the first of the suitors approached she finally slipped into unconsciousness, a quiet and contented mooooooooo was heard by the watching hands. One of them reached down and stroked her gently and slapped her very softly on her round and tormented ass.

“Good girl, Mina. Good girl.”

MinaSubmissive Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
:heart: sorry, it took a while, but it was well worth reading.

Great piece of work, mooooooo indeed!
DeniseWanBcow Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's a pretty amazing fantasy.  I'm just starting to explore forced lac.  then BAM! I came across this fetish! It's hot.    But yeah or the reality is so many dudes are posing as "farmers" and saying all the right things.. I was contracted by a "farm"  I said yes. and asked for real contact information ... Pooof.. gone! LOL
MinaSubmissive Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
i think a lot of guys are just looking for an excuse to play with a pair of breasts.
For me it is as much the psychological aspect of being dehumanised and conditioned into becoming a docile cow.

i'm happy to have pleased you Denise xxxx
DeniseWanBcow Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you're welcome hon!  Yes I'm pretty sure I want the same thing you seek. 
DeniseWanBcow Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's a pretty amazing fantasy.  I'm just starting to explore forced lac.  then BAM! I came across this fetish! It's hot.    But yeah or the reality is so many dudes are posing as "farmers" and saying all the right things.. I was contracted by a "farm"  I said yes. and asked for real contact information ... Pooof.. gone! LOL
fangg13 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Professional Artist
If you were my heifer, I'd have a stall for you in the master suite. Dark wood, sturdy, and filled with fresh, fragrant hay. Brass fittings to secure you to the post. You'd have a large dildo at hip level you could back onto to pleasure yourself with, that would also feed you if you turned around. You'd be milked twice a day, and masturbated regularly. When I entertained women, you'd be brought out to pleasure them and me, to arouse us before we used you mercilessly as a sex object. You'd be allowed to wander the manor at will, and every night you'd be tied up in the stall, fed and bedded down. Over time you'd move out to the barn and join the other heifers in the automated milking stalls. Depending upon your performance, you'd remain a dairy cow, or be moved into the other side of the barn where cows that had lost their usefulness went to be processed. There are many uses for dry milkers.
MinaSubmissive Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
that is most thoughtful of You to consider this lowly cow Sir. it is a most tempting life that You indicate.
fangg13 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Professional Artist
you forgot the low, submissive 'mooooo'...
MinaSubmissive Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
"mooooooooooooooooooooooo" :cow:  :moo:
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